onsdag 18 januari 2012

WCCW Traverse City MI -1310

I have searched for the station many times but the powerhouses CIWW and WLOB effectively blocks the frequency. After erecting a new beverageantenna in a slightly westerly path I suceeded catching the signals  the 12th of january with a "13-10 ESPN Radio WCCW Traverse City" ID. My v/s Brian R. Dale, Op Mgr tells me it was easy to confirm my report as it was his voice I´ve had  recorded! He´s a big Detroit Red Wings fan and appreciate the influx of Swedish players in the team.
Located at the shore of Lake Michigan with a population of 15 000, but the surrounding micropolitan area has about 150 000 in total. The City and Bay is named after 18th century French voyager who made la grande traverse or "the long crossing" across the mouth of the Grand Traverse Bay. The area is also  the largest producer of tart sherries in US and the home of National Cherry Festival attracting 500 000 visitors annually!

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