onsdag 25 april 2012

CFMB Montréal QC -1280

Although that this multilingual  station has a power of 50kW  is quite difficult to catch, but if it is open towards NA early in the evening then you have the chance. Their daytime antenna pattern is wide towards the north but the nighttime pattern is slim to the northwest. One night with early signals was New Years Eve  when quite a few daytime signals was present. On 1280 I noticed  Haitian calypso music dominating the QRG for a while and was lucky to catch an ID.  Stn Manager Luigi Valente verified my reception today and  writes that they use six  antenna towers  to get the antenna pattern.
Montréal is the second largest city in Canada with a metropolitan population of 3,8 million.  French is the official language spoken by 70% of the people, english by 18% . The city is named after the most prominent geographical feature on the island of Montreal, a three-head hill called Mount Royal, topped at 232 meters above sea level.

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