söndag 8 april 2012

KOAN Eagle River AK -1020

The recent years of low solar activity has allowed us here in Southern Scandinavia to  receive some Alaskan MW stations. One day with good conditions was the 5th of January 2011 when the signals from quite a few AK´s and HI´s stations were  received here in Möklinta.
At noon the signals suddenly  breaked thru the noisefloor  and on 1020kHz  a nice  "..on Fox News Talk 10-20 KOAN Eagle River-Anchorage" was heard. No other signals from US was heard at the same time.
I received a confirmation today after a followup. V/s  Tom Lambert, Engineer, who also told me that they have trouble at the moment with their main 10kW transmitter so they use the backup tx 1kW now.
Eagle River is a community within the municipality of Anchorage with a population of 35 000.

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