lördag 7 april 2012

WNDE Indianapolis IN -1260

The days between Christmas and New years eve was some very good days for NA-DXing.In the morning of 27th December a Fox sports station caught my interest on 1260 as the ordinary ones here use to be CKHJ or WMKI in my listening cottage. At 7 o´clock came the revealing ID as    "Sportsradio 12-60 WNDE AM  -WFBQ HD2 in Indianapolis" . The station use to be heard a few times each year, mostly in the expeditions cites up north. V/s Tom Doran, Dir. of Sales confirmed my reception today.
The city is  sometimes  referred to as "The Circle City"  due to the original design of the City. In the centre of  
the Monuments Circle  you find The Soldiers and Sailors Monument  commemorates Indiana´s war heroes who died serving in wars before World War I .

Indianapolis is also the home of  "The greatest spectacle in racing " Indy 500  at Indianapolis Motor speedway. A huge racing oval that covers 253 acres, big enough to fit Churchill Downs,Yankee Stadium,The Rose Bowl,The Roman Colosseum and Vatican City inside the IndianaMotorSpeedway oval!

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